Monday, November 17, 2014

Heart Pocket Watch Necklace

Heart-shaped Pocket Watch- Copper Copper - One SizeIsn't there just something so charming about pocket watches? I love the old fashioned nostalgia of them. As proof that I like them, I wrote about a necklace that looked like a pocket watch another one here.

This heart pocket watch, I believe, is also more of a necklace than an actual pocket watch...but I am not completely sure as the description does not mention the word "necklace" (the description is rather sparse). It is only about an inch big though (the description says the diameter is 2.5 cm, which comes out to be .98 inches). So it probably is a necklace. It is hard to tell from the photos. (I guess one should assume it is a necklace if ordering it. I do wish they would be more clear.)

But it is easy to tell how pretty it is. To me it looks like brass, but the product title says "copper." It also has a nice floral pattern embossed on it. The numbers are a pretty, sort of feminine like script. The glass seems to have a sort of amber hue to it as well.

If you like pocket watch pendants/necklaces you should check out the others they have at YesStyle. They have ones that I love even more than this one. Which I shall probably blog about at another time.

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