Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pretty Pink Lace LG Optimus F3 Cute Case

So I am about to order the mint green wallet case for my phone that I mentioned in another post because my sweet boyfriend gave me an Amazon gift card. But I am thinking that when I get it that I might dress it up a little. Maybe something inspired by this sweet little number that also is for the LG Optimus F3. Isn't it pretty? Although, I don't care for the sequins on the bow so much. I do like how sweet it looks and how much more purse like it seems because of the handle.

The lace is not real, it is just printed on and one reviewer said the pink is actually more peach than pink. But the main thing to be aware of with this particular wallet/purse case is that the pearl chain handle I mentioned earlier is very weak...more than one reviewer said it broke on them. If I were to get it I would replace the chain with a stronger one...or maybe even use some pretty ribbon instead. Since this case doesn't cost much (even with shipping it's about $10) I wouldn't mind making these upgrades. I could probably even find a cool chain at the thrift store for a dollar or two to use.

However, instead I will be getting the other wallet, because I still like the idea that I can also use it as a phone stand and although it only costs a bit more I think the quality is better. Then I can play around with some lace I already have to see if I like how it will look with lace added.

I just had a thought...some rose cabochons like the one shown on the left here would look really pretty added to it too. Hmm.

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