About Yhimsy

I am an eclectic girl (okay, woman). I like all sorts of things. Mostly girly. Sometimes nerdy/geeky things. I'm older than I look...and act. And most important of all...I'm random. This blog is random...like me.

I am doing this blog mostly for fun, finding things that I think are fun, pretty, cute...but although I am doing it for fun, I do also hope that I could make a buck or two from it through the ads and affiliate links.

Why? Well, among other things I am currently living in a rural area, without a car, and have had "mysterious health problems" (which I am finding I can help manage by avoiding things like refined sugar and wheat, and taking supplements such as magnesium and B vitamins)...things that overall make earning a living a bit difficult when put all together. I enjoy browsing online shops and sharing the cool things I find with others. So I thought, why not try to help pay for some of my expenses while I am at it too? I hope you will have fun "window shopping" on this blog, just as I have had fun looking for things to post about on it.

I am not creating it the way all the experts say a "successful" blog should be done (choose a niche product, write 300 words or more per post, use a site with it's own domain and pay for hosting, etc). I've always held back on creating the kind of blog I want to create because I keep reading that is not the "right way." But I keep wanting to do a blog like this...even if it's not "correct" (and not likely to earn me money).

Today I just read this quote by Emma Watson on Pinterest, "I'm going to do what I want to do. I'm going to be who I really am. I'm going to figure out what that is."

So...I'm going to do what I want to do. This blog is going to be just random me...doing some "online window shopping." Sometimes I'll post something kawaii and super girly. Sometimes I'll post something more mundane and plain. I will be posting affiliate links (that means if you click on them and buy something from that site I might earn something from it). But the things I post will be things I really did actually like (that does not mean I've actually tried, used or bought the product myself). This is basically me doing "online window shopping" and sharing it with you...and including an affiliate code if the website I linked to let me join their affiliate program.

I hope you have fun seeing what I post. And I hope you aren't terribly offended that I am trying to earn some money to pay for things/life as well. Thanks.

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