Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kawaii Coloring Books

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So my friend Jenny came out with an anime / manga girl themed coloring book recently. The title is Anime Doodle Girls and the drawings of the girls she drew are so cute and pretty that I just had to brag about her coloring book for her. It's like a combo of Zen Tangle art and pretty manga anime girls with big pretty eyes! There is lots of detail to color and just looking at the pages relaxes me (I haven't even colored any of the images myself yet).

Anime Doodle Girls Coloring Book

Here's a YouTube video of Jenny showing the pages inside (the sound quality is kind of bad, but since what you really want to see are the pictures I guess that's okay).

Some of her coloring pages can be bought in digital form as well on Etsy, so you can print pages when you want to.

So when Jenny's book came out I realized there are other kawaii coloring books out there as well. And that got me all excited and happy.

This one really appeals to me. It looks cute and sweet. One of the reviewers posted a few pictures from inside the book. I wish more of the art was more like the cover, but it still looks fun.

Kawaii Coloring Book

And this Shades of Kawaii by Miss Wah looks fun as well. There is a volume 2 that you should check out as well.

Shades of Kawaii Coloring Book

There are some more out there, but not much that I've found. I think there needs to seriously be a lot more kawaii stuff to color. Don't you? I just posted on a fb page of one of my favorite artists if she has any intention of doing a coloring book--I don't think she does, I just wanted to plant that idea in her mind. mwahahaha Maybe she will now!

Are there any kawaii coloring books that you have bought and colored? Or maybe some coloring pages that you've bought off of Etsy?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Few Cute Android Phone Apps

So my old Android phone went crazy on me (I think it might have Alzheimer's) and is totally unusable now.

This is stock image of what my new phone looks like. It is a Hydro Vibe for Virgin Mobile. It wasn't my first pick, but because things got messed up when I ordered from Virgin Mobile I couldn't get my first choice. The Vibe really is not a bad phone though, especially since I got it for a great price. I am not loving the replacement phone I got, but the really great thing about it is that it has a lot more memory on it now than my old phone. I tend to hold onto phones for a really long time, so compared to my new phone my old one had like almost no memory at all. I made it work though. But now that I have more memory I am going app crazy and trying all sorts of apps.

So, have you ever used Google Opinion Rewards? It is an app by Google that now and then sends you these short surveys (often only just one question) that pays you a bit for each one you answer most of the time. What you earn can only be spent on Google Play, so you can get apps, books, movies, etc. I've had it for quite awhile and I'd earn something like ten cents here and twenty-three cents there. Over time I've accumulated around $30 of credit. I've hardly used it because with my old phone I couldn't really put more apps on it than I already had.

But with this new phone I am thinking of spending it on some apps and things. I normally don't like to buy apps just to decorate my phone or such. But since doing the surveys was so easy in my mind buying apps with my credits is almost like getting the apps for free.

So this first one is an app called "SweetIconChange*retrogirlybox*" by SWEET Style that just lets you change the icons for your apps to these sweet, old fashioned, nostalgic, hand drawn style you see here. I love it so much. It really fits with the Mori Girl style I like. They had some other really cute icon changing apps as well. Some are even free.

There is a free version that has most of the icons locked, but you can use it to try out if you really like the icons on your phone. The paid app is only $1 and since I am using the credits I got from doing surveys it is like even less for me.

Sweet Style has a nice handful of cute and pretty apps. Most seem to be for decorating your Android phone, but this next one that I think I will also get is a notepad/sticky note app. Since you can put the sticky notes on your home screen I guess it decorates your phone too. This app is called "Memo Widget *girls*". There is a free version that you can try, but it is in Japanese and since I don't read Japanese I find it kind of confusing trying it out. However it gave me just enough experience with it that I think I am willing to spend $1.24 to buy it. I wish they had a version that matched the retro icons that I mentioned up above.

I had really hoped to find a cute notebook app, but the above was one of the few cute notebook/notepad like things I found.

Another cute app I found (it's free) and am checking out is this goal/checklist app that helps you keep track of if you have done something every day, and whether you've done any in a streak or not. It is also a Japanese app that also can use English. It has a pretty floral design. It is a pretty basic app though. I wish you could edit the goals instead of only just adding and deleting them. Maybe I should add a goal to write in this blog more often??? ;)

Okay, just one more thing for you. A totally sweet, kawaii game (it's free too...but it wants permissions to connect to your Google account or something, be sure to uncheck those). It is even called Kawaii Jump. It features this sweet little bunny and you jump on these biscuit like platforms and collect cupcakes and such. My favorite part about it is actually the music. For some reason it kind of reminds me of the Dango song from the anime Clannad. I find this simple game totally addictive.

I hope you enjoyed these Android apps. Do you know of any kawaii, cute, pretty or otherwise just wonderful apps to have?

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Travel Card Holders

This past summer I have been staying in the city instead of the sleepy, rural town that I usually reside in. Living in the city has the wonderful perk known as Public Transportation. The bus and train are available to take you to many destinations. It's so nice to have available when you don't have a car. It can be nice to use even if you don't have a car.

So, for convenience sake (and a discount) I purchased a pass that I would scan when I got on the bus instead of using cash and coins.

At first I had my card in my wallet, but quickly found that fumbling around to pull it out so I could scan it with the reader was not the way to go.

Luckily I noticed an ID badge thing at the dollar store that had a retractable cord on it. I attached it to my purse and now quickly pull it out, scan it and sit down. However, it is not that attractive. Nor does it seem too durable.

So I have been checking out travel card holders on my favorite site, YesStyle. Not sure I've found one I completely love yet, but here are some of my favorites so far. The choices range from simple and basic, to silly and cute, to girly or feminine floral pretty.

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First. This style is mostly pretty basic. However, when I think of the one I currently have that is just plain clear plastic, these colorful ones seem a lot more appealing, plus the antiqued style clasp and faux leather cord are more appealing as well. Not shown here is a style with an embossed clover pattern too that is cute.

Card Holder with Strap

This one is pretty simple too, but it seems a lot more elegant, stylish, sleek. It's more pricey than the one  above. I love the "Tiffany Blue" robins egg color, but it comes in other colors as well.

These cartoon animal bus card holders make me smile. Each one looks like a bus with a cute animal (panda, owl, elephant and giraffe) poking its head out of the bus window. You can attach the holder to your keys or a lanyard, whatever you choose.

Cartoon Card Holder

Now this one is so pretty, and I am a sucker for pretty. I love the floral, sakura ones, but they have cute kitty ones too (apparently they had Hello Kitty ones as well, but they are not available as if this writing).

Halter Floral Pattern Card Holder

And these floral designs are my most favorite. I absolutely adore this style, feminine, light, sweet, charming. They also happen to be the priciest of them all too. (darn)

Floral Print Card Holder

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Convertible Tote Bag Backpack Shopping Bag

I just wrote about some backpacks with Mori Girl style and one of them reminded me of this convertible tote bag backpack thing I got on Amazon for less than $10. So I thought I should write about it briefly here. Alas, I don't have a photo of the exact one I bought because my smartphone broke and for complicated reasons I haven't gotten a replacement yet. So here's the pic from Amazon of it.

Convertible Tote Bag Backpack

I really wish they had it in a cream color (although any dirt would be more noticeable on that) or brown. I really would have loved brown. So I got this green color instead which is actually nice. It also comes in Navy, Royal Blue, Red and Black. I think I would like to add some vintage style, crochet, ecru lace to it to give it a more unique look, that is softer and more feminine as well. I don't have access to any of my lace right now though.

The reason I bought this is because I have been staying the summer at my sister's place and she lives four blocks away from a grocery store. It is very convenient to walk there, but lugging home groceries is not as convenient. However, this bag helps a lot. I can just load the groceries I buy into it and change the straps into the backpack position and put it on my back and off I go.

Since it converts from one thing to another by using the same straps to make it a tote and a backpack, it is a nice tote bag (but the handles become a bit short because I need it that way for backpack mode) and it isn't super great as a backpack (I wouldn't take it hiking, for example). That makes it sound like I don't like it, but I do like it! But for something that is convertible for carrying groceries with, I actually love it. It has been so useful to me these past few months.

It has pretty good reviews on Amazon, I really like it and would actually recommend it as well.

However, while I was trying to find the link for it again on Amazon I found this nice looking tote bag backpack combo as well. It's more expensive (around $30) and doesn't have quite as many reviews yet. I don't think this one would work as well for my groceries as the bag I bought, but I love how it looks. I really do like brown.

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Mori Girl Backpacks

I was on Pinterest and had seen a cute, pastel purse. Following the link I ended up at YesStyle for a purse by a company called Super Lover. There I found some things I loved even more. Some Mori Girl backpacks. Not specifically made for Mori Girls (I don't think), but one's I think those love Mori Girl style would love. So whether you want one for school or work or nature hikes, here are a few that I liked that I thought had sweet charm or that basic simplicity that has a unique appeal of its own.

This polka dot backpack with a lace panel on the flap is just dreamy. I look at it and it just makes my heart sigh contentedly. Really. I know that sounds silly, but it just does. Speaking of silly (and fun), they have another backpack almost exactly like this, but instead of polka dots, it has little baby chickens printed on the fabric. It's actually quite cute, and I love the colors, but I personally don't want chickens on my clothing or accessories (I would love to own some though).

Crochet-Trim Polka Dot Flap Backpack

This one is just a simple, basic, but elegant and nice looking tan (the description says it's khaki, but it doesn't look khaki to me) colored backpack with piped edges. It looks like just the sort of thing to slip in a hand bound journal to write down notes and little sketches, take a short hike into nature with and enjoy a spring, summer or autumn afternoon.

Piped Backpack

So after looking at the bags by Super Lover that made me want to find more backpacks.

The company that made this one below is called Meringue and they made a few backpacks that I liked the look of, including a few others done in a similar way to this one, with the pockets and buckles, but with different fabric choices. This one is creamy canvas color with gingham and lace accents.

Buckled Lace Panel Backpack

And this company called Canvas Love (a great name for a company that makes purses and backpacks) had quite a few bags that I liked as well. I like the simple, clean lines of the rectangle shape, with the lace pieces softening them up and making it look feminine and romantic.

Applique Buckled Flap Canvas Backpack

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cupcake Pouf Ottomans

Today I saw this adorable cupcake pouf (aka ottoman) at the print on demand site Zazzle (print on demand means they create each pouf one at a time, only when a customer buys it). This looks like just a cartoon drawing doesn't it? But it is an actual fully three dimensional pouf that you can sit on. Crazy, but crazy cute. What's more is you can customize it (by clicking on the "Customize It" button) and do something like add a name to personalize it.

There are actually some other cupcake pouf ottomans on Zazzle as well that already are setup for you to customize them and put name on them without clicking the customize button and you can just type in the name you want on the side of the screen. Like this one.

Pink Cupcake Girl's Personalized Room Decor Round Pouf
Pink Cupcake Girl's Personalized Room Decor Round Pouf by cutencomfy

I am kind of overwhelmed by how many cute cupcake poufs are available on Zazzle. So I am just going to post one more picture of one and then give a link to the rest. 

Cupcake Pouf Round Pouf
Cupcake Pouf Round Pouf by suncookiez

Okay, I lied. Here's one more because I could not resist sharing one more. 
Delicious chocolate and cherry cupcake, round pouf
Delicious chocolate and cherry cupcake, round pouf by RWdesigning

So here's a link to all the other cupcake pouf ottomans on Zazzle. Some don't look like cupcakes and just have cupcake patterns on them, but those are really cute too. There are some cubed poufs as well. 

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