Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Kawaii Coloring Books

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So my friend Jenny came out with an anime / manga girl themed coloring book recently. The title is Anime Doodle Girls and the drawings of the girls she drew are so cute and pretty that I just had to brag about her coloring book for her. It's like a combo of Zen Tangle art and pretty manga anime girls with big pretty eyes! There is lots of detail to color and just looking at the pages relaxes me (I haven't even colored any of the images myself yet).

Anime Doodle Girls Coloring Book

Here's a YouTube video of Jenny showing the pages inside (the sound quality is kind of bad, but since what you really want to see are the pictures I guess that's okay).

Some of her coloring pages can be bought in digital form as well on Etsy, so you can print pages when you want to.

So when Jenny's book came out I realized there are other kawaii coloring books out there as well. And that got me all excited and happy.

This one really appeals to me. It looks cute and sweet. One of the reviewers posted a few pictures from inside the book. I wish more of the art was more like the cover, but it still looks fun.

Kawaii Coloring Book

And this Shades of Kawaii by Miss Wah looks fun as well. There is a volume 2 that you should check out as well.

Shades of Kawaii Coloring Book

There are some more out there, but not much that I've found. I think there needs to seriously be a lot more kawaii stuff to color. Don't you? I just posted on a fb page of one of my favorite artists if she has any intention of doing a coloring book--I don't think she does, I just wanted to plant that idea in her mind. mwahahaha Maybe she will now!

Are there any kawaii coloring books that you have bought and colored? Or maybe some coloring pages that you've bought off of Etsy?

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