Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Few Cute Android Phone Apps

So my old Android phone went crazy on me (I think it might have Alzheimer's) and is totally unusable now.

This is stock image of what my new phone looks like. It is a Hydro Vibe for Virgin Mobile. It wasn't my first pick, but because things got messed up when I ordered from Virgin Mobile I couldn't get my first choice. The Vibe really is not a bad phone though, especially since I got it for a great price. I am not loving the replacement phone I got, but the really great thing about it is that it has a lot more memory on it now than my old phone. I tend to hold onto phones for a really long time, so compared to my new phone my old one had like almost no memory at all. I made it work though. But now that I have more memory I am going app crazy and trying all sorts of apps.

So, have you ever used Google Opinion Rewards? It is an app by Google that now and then sends you these short surveys (often only just one question) that pays you a bit for each one you answer most of the time. What you earn can only be spent on Google Play, so you can get apps, books, movies, etc. I've had it for quite awhile and I'd earn something like ten cents here and twenty-three cents there. Over time I've accumulated around $30 of credit. I've hardly used it because with my old phone I couldn't really put more apps on it than I already had.

But with this new phone I am thinking of spending it on some apps and things. I normally don't like to buy apps just to decorate my phone or such. But since doing the surveys was so easy in my mind buying apps with my credits is almost like getting the apps for free.

So this first one is an app called "SweetIconChange*retrogirlybox*" by SWEET Style that just lets you change the icons for your apps to these sweet, old fashioned, nostalgic, hand drawn style you see here. I love it so much. It really fits with the Mori Girl style I like. They had some other really cute icon changing apps as well. Some are even free.

There is a free version that has most of the icons locked, but you can use it to try out if you really like the icons on your phone. The paid app is only $1 and since I am using the credits I got from doing surveys it is like even less for me.

Sweet Style has a nice handful of cute and pretty apps. Most seem to be for decorating your Android phone, but this next one that I think I will also get is a notepad/sticky note app. Since you can put the sticky notes on your home screen I guess it decorates your phone too. This app is called "Memo Widget *girls*". There is a free version that you can try, but it is in Japanese and since I don't read Japanese I find it kind of confusing trying it out. However it gave me just enough experience with it that I think I am willing to spend $1.24 to buy it. I wish they had a version that matched the retro icons that I mentioned up above.

I had really hoped to find a cute notebook app, but the above was one of the few cute notebook/notepad like things I found.

Another cute app I found (it's free) and am checking out is this goal/checklist app that helps you keep track of if you have done something every day, and whether you've done any in a streak or not. It is also a Japanese app that also can use English. It has a pretty floral design. It is a pretty basic app though. I wish you could edit the goals instead of only just adding and deleting them. Maybe I should add a goal to write in this blog more often??? ;)

Okay, just one more thing for you. A totally sweet, kawaii game (it's free too...but it wants permissions to connect to your Google account or something, be sure to uncheck those). It is even called Kawaii Jump. It features this sweet little bunny and you jump on these biscuit like platforms and collect cupcakes and such. My favorite part about it is actually the music. For some reason it kind of reminds me of the Dango song from the anime Clannad. I find this simple game totally addictive.

I hope you enjoyed these Android apps. Do you know of any kawaii, cute, pretty or otherwise just wonderful apps to have?

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