Saturday, November 15, 2014

Felt Heart Bookmark Craft

Felt Heart Bookmark
Today I was trying to be crafty and I made this little Felt Heart Bookmark based on this one here that I had found on Pinterest.

Here's a poorly taken photo of it (I should have set things up so it had better lighting and so the camera wouldn't shake...but I was in a hurry). I used some pink felt I had around and painted a black keyhole in the center and then tried to stitch around it. You can see that my stitching got really super wonky on the left side of the heart. That's what happens when I try to hurry. After all the rest of the stitches aren't that great either. But it is kinda cute, isn't it?

If you'd like to see what other cute crafty ideas I have found on Pinterest check out my Cute Craft Ideas Pinterest board.

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