Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vintage Style Pocket Watch Pendant Necklace

Fashion Vintage Style Pocket Watch Pendant Necklace For Women I'll refrain from any White Rabbit / Alice references. (You did think about it when you as this pocket watch pendant necklace though, didn't you? Or maybe that's just me when I see vintage style pocket watches.)

I don't completely love the face on this particular watch. But I think the filigree hands and the brass case and chain with its slight patina look absolutely lovely. And the price is more than just right.

A necklace watch is a practical accessory. Even with many people using their phones instead of watches nowadays, this way of telling the time can be a gentle reminder to slow down, as it take us back to another era when there was not so much hustle and bustle.

When the hands reach four o' clock, sit down with a cup of herbal tea (or even just a cup of water) and take a moment to relax, be in the moment and unwind before going on to the next task.

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