Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Cute Earphone Splitter

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I went shopping at Walmart today (there's not much shopping choices in rural America...well, at least not where I am at anyway) and I found something unexpectedly cute and useful. This Hello Kitty earphone splitter shown here. (Wow, I am just realizing the mirror I took this photo in really needs to be cleaned...sorry about that.) And that's my phone case I got that I mentioned in another post. I think they look really cute together.

Now, actually Hello Kitty, while I find her adorable and everything, is not something I go out of my way to buy. I don't think I've bought anything Hello Kitty since I was twelve. But an earphone splitter is something I have off and on thought that I would like to have, so that I can share the music or podcast or something I am listening to with someone else, and we can each have our own set of earphones. So one, it was a kind of tech-y geek-y device I wanted. And it is very cute. But to top it all was on clearance for $4 (regularly $9.88).

If you want one like this you could check to see if you could find one at your local Walmart, but since this was on clearance I am thinking it will be a bit hard to find. I did look online and saw some available on eBay too.

So now I am just curious about what other cute earphone splitter (also called headphone splitter) are out and about on the interwebs. I started hunting at Amazon and after awhile I got lazy and decided to stop looking and only share the few I had found on Amazon. There weren't many. There were two cute robot ones. I loved those the most...really loved those. And there was also a heart version that comes in pink or red.

Oh...actually, it just occurred to me that I should search for "cute headphone splitter" on Amazon as well and I found that the heart style is available in many other colors. And one of the robot versions was available in green, but listed as an "alien." And there was one other splitter they showed that vaguely resembles a cartoon person, but I did not think it was cute so it's not included.

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