Monday, December 8, 2014

Cute Glass Water Bottles

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I feel like I have been lazy these past few days, which is kind of funny because while I have been doing some relaxing and lazy things, I have also been busy. I've been taking online classes, practicing using my Sketchbook Pro 6 software (which I love and got from Amazon for $22). I've made a gift for my boyfriend and I've been trying to do some gift shopping for him and family members...which entails not looking at cute and kawaii stuff, since they are not into that sort of thing. My boyfriend said he wanted a watch with stopwatch feature, and jokingly made a point that he does not want a pink one (since he knows how much I like pink).

Speaking of pink, I told him I wanted a glass water bottle, and he mentioned something about getting me a pink one. I could have sworn I wrote about some really cute ones I found at YesStyle on this blog, but looking at my blog posts I can't seem to find it. (Maybe I deleted it somehow? Or maybe I am just crazy?) So, at the risk of possibly repeating myself I am writing about these cute glass water bottles.

Printed Cute Glass Water BottlesAren't these fun, with their pretty, bright and pastel colors with playful print designs? Some of them have dots, hearts, animal shapes, etc. They also have a handy strap to carry them buy.

Some have those unique sort of English phrases found almost exclusively on products from Asian countries like, "Elegance. It is never too late to fall in love." I'm not sure what elegance has to do with it never being to late to fall in love...but I like it anyway. :)

Now, of course since they are made of glass they are breakable and should be used very carefully. You can't just toss them around like you would a plastic bottle. But the benefits, among other things, are better tasting water (no plastic or metallic taste)...water stored in glass tastes more clean, crisp and fresh. Although in looking at many reviews of glass water bottles many of the lids, that have plastic parts, can impart their taste or smell to the water.

There are no reviews on YesStyle for these particular bottles, but when I have looked at other water bottles that have been printed on, some reviewers said the print washed off, even when hand washing. so I wonder if that could be a problem with these as well.

Since my boyfriend is big on buying things with good reviews, he is more likely to get me something other than these. They may not be as adorable, but here are some others from Amazon I suspect he is more likely to get me. I do really like these as well. Although they are less decorative they are still cute in their own way. These have silicone or thermal sleeves that protect them, unlike the ones shown above. The "bkr" bottle comes in wonderful colors and has a sort of "sweet" charming shape, in my opinion. With all of these I think I could find a way to decorate them. Maybe at the very least use something like a cell phone charm strap and attach it to the loops on these bottles?

Update: My boyfriend bought me the "Bromvital Glass Water Bottle" shown below. It is very nice. I use it every day, keeping it by my desk. I've started adding a single drop of GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) almost everytime I refill it with water. Anymore than a drop and I can taste it...bleh. But it seems to help prevent a "film" from forming around the mouth of the bottle at the end of the day.

I do keep thinking of maybe trying to decorate the Neoprene sleeve somehow though to make it cuter. Maybe paint it...searching for how to paint Neoprene brings up some interesting things on Google.) Or I suppose could sew something to it. Or maybe make a sleeve to go over the sleeve? That way I could change the look anytime I want...that might be good.

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