Friday, December 5, 2014

Mori Girl Antique Style "Book" Purse

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Antiqued Metal, Faux Leather Design Women's Crossbody Bag
I love the romantic, old fashioned style of this purse. Yes, it is a purse. It doesn't show the strap in the photo here, which gives it the appearance of an old fashioned book. However with the strap it looks more like the bag that it actually is.

It is made of PU (that is, it is a fake leather). It has these cool, fancy metal corners, somewhat like you might see one something like an old Victorian photo album or a medieval book that is quite valued and/or revered. (It is actually quite inexpensive though. Then it has the strap that I mentioned. Lift the flap and their is a zipper for the interior to keep things safe inside. I'm not sure how many pockets it has, but I am guessing that there is at least one since the product page mentions something about a place for a cell phone.

I think this purse has a nice "Mori Girl" feel to it. I want to pair it with a lacy skirt and cozy, bulky sweater, some brown ballet flats or chunky brown boots, while wearing my hair in a messy, upswept bun. In reality I'd probably just wear it with jeans and one of my vintage-style Skinny Minnie t-shirts. I'd still wear my hair in a messy, upswept bun though.

I also think it would be nice to accessorize it with the tea cup ring I mentioned recently.

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