Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cute Personalized Gifts for Friends

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Yesterday I did some impulse Christmas shopping at, because every day this first week of December they are having a special really great deal on one item each day. Yesterday the deal was for Post-it® Notes. So I quickly created some personalized gifts for my boyfriend, friends and sister before the deal was over.

Zazzle is a site known as "print on demand" publishing, because when you order something with a design they don't have dozens of that same exact thing in a warehouse and ship it to you, instead they print it on site and then send it out to you. This has the con's of being slightly more expensive since they are not mass produced, however...what is great about this is that almost everything on the site can be customized (alas, not everything is though). So if you want to include someone's name on it, in many cases you can.

The other great thing about this kind of site is it makes so artists can more easily get their art available on products, which makes it easier for you to find something unique.

For example, I love this Bunny and Strawberries design by ChibiBunny. She is a very kawaii artist whose real name is Dao Thuy Duong (she is also known as Tho-be). Her creations just makes me melt!

Not all of the designers have have chosen to set it up to have their products be customized (if they have you will see a "Customize it" button beneath the product on the product page).

So using the example of the pillow up above, I could click on the "Customize It" button and use the tools to add a name, choose a font and color, and where on the product I want it. Like maybe just below the strawberries? Or maybe I'd want to put it on the back side of the pillow? It can take a little bit to learn the tools for customizing, but I think it's pretty easy.

Sometimes the designers will make it even easier to personalize something by making so on the side of the screen you can just fill in the boxes/fields of text with what you want. You'll usually be able to spot these as you browse through the products be seeing that the product's have someone's name on it...really, usually when you see products like this you can simply change the name to whatever you want.

This is really nice for people who have unusual names. One of my sister's would always see those personalized products in stores with the choices of many names, but always just the more common names, and she would never see her name available. So I have ordered personalized gifts from her at Zazzle in the past and she finally has things like a mug personalized with her name on it. She loves that. And this year she'll have some personalized Post-it® Notes as well.

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