Sunday, December 14, 2014

Menstrual Cramps Heat Patch - It's Actually Cute & Funny

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Ugh. So I am normally very lucky when it comes to the time of month that I start menstruating (or what my friend Kim says is when "Aunt Flo comes to visit). I rarely experience the various troublesome kinds of things that beset other women when it comes to both PMS and the actual period. (Please don't hate me.) I am especially grateful that I almost never have cramps (really, please don't hate me.) But today I have cramps and I have them bad (bad for me anyway...I'm not keeled over in bed...yet).

So I suddenly remembered that I had these thing my mom bought for me one year because I always got so cold in the winter (I'm now taking both magnesium and kelp supplements and that helps with the cold immensely...actually, the magnesium should help the cramps too, why isn't it? darn it!). So this thing my mom got me is a magical, warm bean. It's actually called the Body Bean and it is a cordless heating pad that is/was made by Brookstone that they sold on their site...and I was going to give a link to it, but apparently they are no longer selling it. Sorry. However, I am using it now and it is so nice. Ahhh. Maybe a "rice heating pack" shaped like a bean would be good.

Etude House - OMG! It's That Time Again Heat Patch 1 setSo since I can't show you the Body Bean, instead I will link to this funny thing I saw on Yesstyle. It's the "OMG! It's That Time Again! Heat Patch." It's made by Etude House (a popular Korean based company who normally makes and sells wonderful cosmetics). I love the comic book style for the packaging, as it's both cute and funny...Which, I think having humor and cuteness at times like these helps almost as much as the heat. The text is in an amusing mix of English and makes me wish I could read the Korean parts though.

So apparently these are heart shaped patches that "supply heat and soothing relief" for the pain and discomfort from menstrual cramps that also apparently has herbs and stuff to help too. Here's the instructions from the website.

How to Use:
Remove adhesive film and apply patches to skin.
Apply front patch on the lower abdomen.
Apply rear patch on the lower back above the buttocks.
Applicable for up to 1~2 hours.
Do not leave on for more than 8 hours.

Apparently this menstrual cramps heat patch pack only comes with the two sheets, so it's not very economical, especially considering the price. But they would probably be worth the convenience if you were traveling. (A better buy price wise might be these Thermacare Heat Wraps Menstrual Cramp Relief patches. The packaging isn't cute at all...but it is a very completely different way.)

The OMG! patches also might be "fun" to put in a little gift in a "period survival kit" form to give to someone to help them cope better with this time of the month...maybe include some chocolate and some Korean drama videos (or at least a list of ones they can watch on DramaFever, Viki,com or Ah, maybe that is what I should do right Korean dramas marathon style to distract me as I hold my Body Bean against my abdomen.

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