Monday, December 1, 2014

Comfy Extra Long Cardigan

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With the Thanksgiving holiday and having gotten a cold, I took a brief break from my online window shopping and blogging...I've even spent very little time on Pinterest. (shocking)
I did watch a lot of tv shows and movies, including Austenland and a Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice called Bride and Prejudice...both were very cute and fun, although I think Austenland could have been done a bit better (actually, I just discovered that this film was the director's debut so it was pretty good for a first film).

Anyway, I return to browsing things that make me feel warm and cozy, as having a cold and it being fall and heading towards winter makes my thoughts frequently turn to such things at this time of year. I came across a few extra long cardigans, the kind that go past the knee and preferably close to the ankles. I love these as they help to keep my legs a bit warmer, and not just my arms and torso. I have two long cardigans, both of which are getting pretty shabby. The one is actually very has gotten snagged many times and even has a couple of holes. But it is cozy and I wear it only at home now. The other is not too bad, but it could use a sweater shaver to remove the many "pills" that are are on it now...since it is a large sweater that is fairly close to my ankles that is a large job though that I have been putting off (although I have worked on the sleeves some). So it would be nice to get another cardigan along the lines of these ones.

Something like this very long cardigan here. It doesn't quite reach her ankles, and like many clothes made for the Asian market it probably runs on the small side and so is probably would be a little shorter on a taller person. (Actually, I just looked at the measurements and determined it would be a few inches shorter than the ones I currently have.) Still, it looks wonderfully cozy to me. The product title of this sweater actually uses the word "comfy" to describe it, and the description says it is made of "synthetic wool" so I suppose it is fairly warm as well? I am not too familiar with synthetic wool though, so I am not sure how similar it is to real wool. Hopefully it is not as scratchy.

It comes in beige as well.

The website where these came from had a few other extra long cardigans, plus many long/near the knee and waist length ones as well that you might want to check out.

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