Monday, November 24, 2014

Pretty Rain Umbrellas

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My thoughts today is an excellent example of how odd I can sometimes be. I was listening an audio book where the author was speaking about her trip to Bali (a place I would love to go) and I suddenly had this compelling thought of,"I want to look at umbrellas." Heaven knows why I suddenly wanted to look at umbrellas and whether or not it has anything to do with Bali. Perhaps it has symbolic meaning to me. Bali and umbrellas are peaceful and exciting to me...weird, huh? Umbrellas are like portable forms of are still open to and surrounded by nature and rain even as you are protected somewhat from it, a part of it and yet not drowning in it. I enjoy the rain. I have been known, even as an adult, to play and dance in the rain, to immerse myself in it. But sometimes I do not want to get completely wet. Hence, I love a good umbrella. Umbrellas make me smile. Especially the pretty ones. To me, umbrellas are cheerful and playful things (except maybe the all black and dreary ones). So rain is playful, but I also find rain peaceful and calming as well...and the same goes for some umbrellas. They can bring feelings of "blissful content" to me...similar to thoughts of Bali. (I told you I was odd, didn't I?)

I have three umbrellas at the moment in my possession. One is those compact kind and it is gray, but it has a sort of shimmer to it...kind of like a cloud with a silver lining. The other is a sort of electric blue with a hot pink floral rose pattern on the edges. And the other is white with spring like flowers in yellow and pink sprinkled all over makes a good sun parasol as well. All very useful and pretty and attractive in their own right.

I have to admit to longing to own an umbrella with ruffles as well though, maybe a bow or two...or more. Or perhaps lace, like this pretty lace umbrella.

Or this scalloped trim umbrella.

Of course I will always love floral umbrellas like these too.

These aren't lacy sun parasols that probably won't stand up to the rain, but they are pretty enough that they could be substituted as sun parasols if desired. And of course they are perfectly pretty rain umbrellas. Best of all, umbrellas like this are sweet, cheerful bliss to me.

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