Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pink LG Optimus F3 Cute Cases

You may be able to guess that this is a picture of a wallet. What you might not be able to guess is that this is a wallet style case for an LG Optimus F3 phone. Which happens to be the kind of Android phone that I own...and I've been coveting a wallet style phone case for quite some time.

This one is made of a fake pink and white leather with that sort of "pebbled texture" and it has a cute pink bow on it. Simple and sweet...and cute.

It only has two slots for cards inside, which is limiting and is a drawback for me. But it looks made well enough and so far it had mostly pretty good reviews on Amazon.

The other pink wallet phone case that I've got my eye on is this one below. Actually, as you can see in this pic, it has rhinestone like glitter all over it...and I am Not a bling bling glitter kind of girl. Also I'd prefer a lighter pink than this hot pink one. But I really, really like that I could also use it as a phone stand...super handy. I had seen a similar wallet without the bling, but it didn't have a place for credit cards and the quality looked cheaper. So it turns out that I like this best out of the ones I have seen so far. It is very cute, even if it is not my personal style (perhaps I can do something crafty with it...hmm). Maybe it's your style though? It also has lots of good reviews at Amazon which is very promising, there are a handful of bad reviews though.

LG Optimus F3 Cute Case (pink glitter)

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