Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Teddy Bear LG Optimus F3 Cute Case

Teddy Bear LG Optimus F3 Cute Case
Oh my goodness! When I first got my LG Optimus F3 smartphone there weren't that many options for cases. So I just got a simple silicone case to protect it. Since you can't easily glue things to silicone I had intended to get crafty and actually sew or embroider or something on it...but of course that never happened. It still looks plain and boring. I actually like to look at the cool cases they have for iPhones and Samsungs even though I think that I can't have anything like them for my own phone. Today I decided to look at phone cases for my phone anyway, expecting to see mostly the same stuff that I had seen ages ago. But to my surprise they had a lot more. Still not as many choices as other phones, but still way better than what I expected. So...I am probably going to end up blogging about phone cases for the LG Optimus F3 for awhile now.

This Teddy Bear Cover is totally amazing. From reading the reviews it sounds like you'd probably have to remove the phone from the bear case to charge the phone, or maybe it could be removed partially? And you won't really be able to take photos with it one. And the headphone jack might be awkward to get to, as well as things like volume controls. However, depending on how you use your phone these issues might not be too problematic for some. Actually the reviews seem to indicate that there is some inconsistency in whether there are openings for these various things.

One thing that I find really interesting about this phone is that the reviews keep saying that it doesn't have a plastic case, but has a "wire to hold the phone in." At first I couldn't figure out what that meant. Then it dawned on me. Around the edges of the fabric where the phone goes in wire is probably sewn in it. (I hope that makes sense.) Some reviewers complained about it, and maybe it doesn't work that well but I think it is brilliant. (I now have visions of cutting apart stuffed animals to have an opening the size of my phone and sew in a lining and some wire to try to accomplish something similar...but I am not that crafty.)

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