Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pretty LG G2 Phone Case

Ahhh...I am so disappointed. I thought I had finally found the LG Optimus F3 Case that I wanted, but then I realized it was actually for the LG G2. (Why did it have to show up in the top of my search results for my phone and make me covet it!? Or why can't this same design, or something similar, be available for my phone as well?)

Well, if you own an LG G2, may I recommend this super pretty pink flowers wallet case? *sniff* As you can see, it also has a lace border above a brown/beige checked pattern, some cute cartoon-y flowers, a cute bow, and the words "Happy Step" (as well as some other words that I am not quite sure what they say. There are other very pretty floral patterns in other colors that it comes in as well.

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