Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cute Pill Box

Printed Pill Case This is a cute pill box or little organizer. Its main purpose would be for pills, but it could also be used for other small things, such as earrings or little craft supplies like beads. (Also, I don't do things like take my laptop apart often, but when I have I found cases like this helpful to separate the various sized screws...and then I can close the lid to keep them from spilling when I invariably knock them over.)

You have your choice of either one with four compartments or six compartments. The separated compartment can also be removed so the case can be used for bigger things (the example shown on the website is some false eyelashes).

Alas, you do not get to choose which style you will get. So you may end up with either the cute pink bunny, the minty green/blue frog prince, adorable deer or what I think is a fox. They all cheerfully say, "Good morning" on them. And it's hard to tell from the pics, but I think underneath that it says, "happy every day."

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