Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pretty Pink Princess Carriage Necklace

 Pretty Pink Princess Carriage Necklace
This pretty, pink princess carriage pendant and necklace is so sweet and adorable. It would be so perfect for a little girl or with Japanese Lolita fashion with the antique inspired dresses in pastel colors. Maybe pair it with a pink bunny backpack?

Usually I prefer silver jewelry, but this is an exception. The gold just looks perfect with the pink enamel. It is fairytale perfect.

It also has a sort of flower design on the side and rhinestones on the sides and on the wheels as well.

This is actually a very cheaply priced necklace. The price posted on the site is $1.50. Yep. Crazy. I actually seem to remember seeing this necklace on eBay about a year ago for around $4 or $5? So that was cheap then too, but this is a really great buy if you don't mind inexpensive, maybe somewhat lower quality stuff.

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