Thursday, October 30, 2014

Feminine, Cute Big Bow on a T-shirt

Pink Asymmetrical Cut Cute Big Bow Cold Shoulders Design T-shirt I like how feminine this pink t-shirt with a big, pretty black bow is. How it is cut long and has happens to have an asymmetrical cut which give it a "flowing" feel and adds some additional visual interest

It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but the bow is not a print, it is actually more three dimensional and sewn on.

The shoulders are an open design known as "cold shoulders" (which seems like a strange name to me considering the saying, "giving someone a cold shoulder"...but it also makes sense in that your shoulders would be cooler with this open design). This feature might be especially nice in the summer though.

This shirt comes in other colors as well. Next to this one shown to the left I also like the white version with a pink bow. I think the picture of this version actually gives you a better idea of what the shirt is like as you can see the shape of the bow better because there is more contrast compared to the black bow. The model is also standing in a way that makes so you can see what the open shoulder looks like better too.

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White Asymmetrical Cut Cute Big Bow Cold Shoulders Design T-shirt

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