Friday, October 31, 2014

Cute Fall Long Sleeve T-shirt

Brown Long Sleeve T-shirtBrown Long Sleeve T-shirt Sketch

Every now and then I challenge myself to try to draw something. I'm one of those people who used to always say, "I can't draw." Which means I haven't had much practice. So today I decided to try to draw this brown long sleeve t-shirt I found.

I look at the drawing and at some of it I think, "Hey...that's not that bad." And other parts I go, "blech!" But it's all about actually doing, trying something, taking that risk and getting it out there that is sometimes more important than not trying at all.

Anyway, I think this shirt puts me in the mood for fall weather. I love pinks and pastel blues...but I actually wear a lot more browns and other natural, neutral tones like beige and "oatmeal".  Which is really nice in the fall. It psychologically makes me feel warm and cozy. This shirt also has a fitted style that I like. The golden color blocked parts isn't a usual part of my color palette. But it's warm and cozy. And wearing something with just a hint of a color I don't usually wear can get me out of my fashion rut.

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